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Mbetsa is an innovator who invented the first mobile phone car tracking system and many other innovation. He has worked with both local and international companies like IBM, and Microsoft . Mbetsa is now developing products exclusive for Silicon Valley Solutions (SVS) ltd. Mbetsa working with svs are now a pioneers in electronics manufacturing in Africa and the first factory to produce car tracking device and speed limiters will open soon in Nigeria and Kenya.


Mobile Phone Car Tracking System

I invented an Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions For both Commercial and Personal Vehicles. Track Directly from Your Mobile Phone, iPad or Office Computer.


Speed Limiter

I invented digital speed limiters that provide the best remote asset management service available in Nigeria. They are uniquely designed to address all the tracking concerns of our clients’ vehicles, motorcycles and other assets..



Autopad is an all in one infotainment system with endless possibilities, driver assistance systems, car navigation, car diagnostics, car security and many more. Autopad has car security - engine lock , unlock ,draw pattern to start your car , door auto lock , remote start , stop , and many more.

My Projects

I have Developed Mobile phone car tracking system , speed limiter , autopad , revenue collection systems,movie zone , jambo city, and many more .


Mobile Phone Car Tracking System

Our Mobile Phone Car Tracking system is the ideal, low cost solution for tracking a single car or even a fleet of vehicles. Easy to install with no complicated wiring, it can locate a vehicle and its position is displayed on web based GPS tracking software, your mobile phone or can be sent to you as a SMS.,

Speed Limiter

We have enhanced Nigeria’s federal and state road safety efforts through the provision of high-quality, efficient digital speed governors (black boxes), in addition to security-related products and other electronics. Our products are used to monitor the use of cars and other vehicles within commercial fleets and individual homes and offices.



Autopad Entertainment you can sycronise with your phone , pick call and read messages from autopad, play your music and videos from autopad ,download and save your music into your autopad.Autopad has an easy Navigation system with easy google map navigation to your preffered location with offline maps. Autopad Diagnostic gets you your car health information on the click of a button.

Revenue Collection Systems

We developed Kilifi County Revenue Collection system that helps Kilifi County in Kenya in collecting revenues from the motorists parking, bus park and bodaboda monthly license fees that can be made through a wide variety of solutions including mobile phone (M-Pesa and Airtel Money), visa or MasterCard branded card.


Movie Zone

Moviezone is an app that allows you to stream movies directly without buffering within a Moviezone wifi area. Moviezone has no buffering, It streams fast and first. We installed Moviezone to buses traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa to entertain travellers who have smartphone.

Jambo City

JamboCity is a mobile App available in Both Android and iOS, Jambo City is Simple and Personal, It has real time messaging, real time tracking, and real time services, It helps clients in connecting them with the right service within the shortest time possible. With one click you get a Taxi, Get friends location, One click to call and one click to Buy and Sell.


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